Authentic feng shui is an art and a science. Its origins can be traced back thousands of years to paintings in caves in china. The form school animals black tortoise, white tiger, green dragon and red phoenix are testimony to its ancient origins. The theories and applications have developed over time and changed. Once feng shui was secretly practiced by the emperor and the aristocracy, but now this highly prized knowledge is available to all. Professional feng shui today is practiced with a Lopan (special compass) that is read to survey a property. Then one applies with precision the formulas and techniques that have made feng shui a science.



The observation of nature has always played a vital part in the development of feng shui too. The relationship between yourself, your family, your home and business to the environment is what can be enhanced. This energy (chii) how it flows and interacts, so harmony can prevail and luck and abundance can be increased.


Like in Chinese medicine, the application and understanding of the 5 elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water is important, not just for optimum health but for all aspects of our daily lives



t is an honor to teach and to pass on knowledge that can enhance the lives of others and help them.  The students who learn feng shui embark on a path that will support and enhance all areas of their lives, health, wealth and happiness  can grow. They have on completion of the course, the potential and ability to serve others and help them too.


I first started teaching English in my late teens and it has always given me great joy watching the students grow and then branch out on their own. Today I offer workshops that are open to everyone who wants to learn, change and expand all areas of their life, living in greater harmony with the environment.


Feng Shui Workshop I



In this workshop, I  teach the basic History of Feng Shui that dates back thousands of years.


  • The 5 Element cycles that play a vital role, like in Chinese medicine so there is balance and harmony in our homes and work place. How to counteract a negative element  by neutralizing it. How to strengthen an element by giving it greater support or sometimes challenging it.


  • Learn the 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches composed of Animals.


  • Understand Flying Stars and how a chart is constructed .


  • How to identify shars (bad energy) near buildings, remedies and Enhancers so one can create the most Harmonious and wealthiest design to suit your personal needs and future clients.

Feng Shui Workshop II



In this workshop, I guide you through the understanding of Form School and Yin Feng Shui for burial and locating a Dragon formation for this purpose.


Learn about the Feng Shui Masters throughout the Ages, the different schools and types of lopans (compasses).


Advanced flying star formulas, Hotu and water methods are explained in this course. Finally, you need to know how to draw up a case study for a private home and a business on site so you can practice feng shui as a consultant.





Four Pillars of Destiny and Luck Pillars are a very precise way to study someones luck from Birth throughout their life to help them balance their elements Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. Doing this  improves all areas of their life; self; spouse; resources; support; creativity; intelligence; power; status; relationships; wealth; money luck and especially Health too.


How to set up a chart using Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches as well as the Luck Pillars for life. A chart will allow you to understand you and your friends luck, plus examples of famous people.


Discover what your 4 Pillars and Luck Pillars are and what elements are negative and positive for you throughout your life.





In this Workshop,


Learn how to, read in a more profound way the Destiny Pillars and Luck Pillars.


Chinese astrological animals their combinations and clashes plus hidden elements.


Penalties, Romance stars, Travel stars, Academic Stars and Star of Arts, the yang edge, Virtue stars and storage of money, so you can give a fully comprehensive reading.


Finally, learn how to draw up a complete chart for yourself, friends and future clients.





An important Divination tool necessary to be learnt to complete our Feng Shui Diploma. Having understood 4 Pillars, we can understand the interaction of the lines when we throw the coins the old highly regarded Eastern way. By studying the Subject of the lines, the Object and the Elements, we can answer any question in order to predict if the outcome is positive or not.


This is a very ancient Chinese Art when yarrow sticks were used first. In the west, coins are used but the interpretation is different and not as precise. We will look at the History of Hexagrams and their Formation. Plus, we will be throwing together coins and its fun plus amazingly accurate. Once you have completed the 2 Feng shui Workshops, the 2 Paht Chee Workshops and the I Ching you will be able to take a test paper to sit our Diploma and become a consultant.




Dragons on another dimension do exist like Angels, Archangels and Unicorns. Dragons are Karmic Masters we work with for the Highest Good Only, in a protective circle of light. I trained with the British School of Yoga and got a distinction in Mantric Art with Dragons after spotting them and working with them in Europe and the Far East especially Singapore, Thailand and China.


Dragons are recognized in Celtic Law, Earth Dragons, Water Dragons and Fire Drakes too. In Feng Shui we learn about Dragons in yin Feng Shui, in Form Feng Shui and in yang Feng Shui  as we study their path and flight from the Mountain Tops, down through the hills to the water. Come and explore the exciting world of Dragons and meet your own Personal Dragon so you can communicate with him and the Protective Abundant Spirit Dragon World and expand your horizons.




ne of my greatest joys is helping others to improve and enhance their lives at Home and in their office or own Business. I started to do consultations 19 years ago after graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts where I was doing a course in Interior Design and Feng Shui. I had a Chinese Master to teach me, and he needed an interpreter to impart his knowledge. I then went on to study under Lillian Too and Grand Master Raymond Lo. I passed his Diploma in May 2000 in Flying Stars, Four Pillars of Destiny and in I Ching. I then took over the Feng Shui- on- line store from Doctor Michael Oon and started to travel to Asia studying Advanced Feng Shui with Grand Master Raymond Lo. I then met Grand Master Tan in Singapore who introduced me to yin Feng Shui and I traveled three times to China on his Feng Shui Tours. In 2008 I was made into a Feng Shui Master by IFSA and I have continued to carry out consultations and study under Master Jet Lee and with the Taoists, so I can offer clients genuine talismans and amulets thanks to Master Ho and other masters. I have talked and given lectures on Feng Shui in Europe and I have now created a new web site to help all of us enjoy all the wonderful benefits more easily. Feng Shui has existed for thousands of years and I wanted it to go on forever lifting others too when applied correctly and lovingly from the Heart.


  • Consultations in UK / Europe
  • Consultation in Singapore / Asia



Consultations from ₤ 330 for a studio plus destiny chart for 2 people

Flat or semi detached from £ 600 with destiny chart for 2 people

House with garden £ 1,000 to £ 1,200  with destiny chart for 4 people


Commercial Business


Office one cubicle £ 280

Office Plan from £ 1,360

Factory from £ 1,680

Four Pillars, Destiny Chart  and luck pillars for life,  Hand Written Scanned or Sent special offer 186

Space Clearing £ 330




  • 3 ᅠRooms HDB ᅠ S$ 1,288
  • 4 Rooms HDB    S$ 1, 888
  • 5 Rooms HDB    S$ 2 ,888
  • Condo  S$ 3,600
  • Semi- detached and landed properties - S$2.80 per square feet
  • Space Clearing  S$ 186



  • Empowerment Talisman £388 to enhance Paht Chee.


  • Talisman to ward off specific bad luck stars like 5 yellows, Tai Sui, 3 Killings etc...


  • Scholastic Talisman For Children and Adults passing Examinations or Studying, even writing. £288


  • Talisman for Breaking of Ground where constructing a new building and where to burn and start building and on what day and at what time. ᅠ£388


  • Talisman to burn in location of Tai Sui every year especially if on the front of Business or in Entrance of House, Business or Commercial site example factory £388. On location South West Sheep 2015/ South West Monkey 2016.


  • Talisman to burn in location of 5 yellows yearly 2015 West and 2016 North East  £388.


  • Talisman to counteract any shas or bad energy and enhance luck on all Front Doors and entrances  £388.


  • All Talisman are drawn up by a Taoist Master who has had forty years experience.


  • Buddhist Prayers in Gold Leaf on fine copper to place above the Front Door at Home and in the Office are available as permanent protection £600. These are all personalized too and made to order. The £688 for personalized prayers in gold leaf,  this price includes many hours of personalized prayers for the client. This amulet can be carried in your wallet. For protection and success.


  • All Talismans are sent EMS postage out of Singapore with a tracking number. Please email me personally at so we can fill you in and give you any additional information on use as necessary plus help and support.

A bout Marylynn

By attending the Inchbald School of Design in London, after passing A level ART, and then working for an architect in 1970's the beginning of my interest in creating new interiors and landscapes was confirmed.. My design portfolio then gained me a place at the Beaux Arts in Paris. Sadly circumstances forced me to study languages. My painting and design became a hobby. and I occasionally sold pictures or donated them. In 1975 I had the opportunity to attend The Regent Academy of Fine Arts to refresh my Interior Design and to study  Feng Shui with a Chinese  Master. I passed and went on to study under Grand Master Lillian Too in London and Grand Master Raymond Lo. I passed my Diploma with him in 2000 and when on to study Advanced Feng Shui. In 2002 Master Michael OON passed onto me the Feng Shui- on line- website. I visited the Far East regularly and traveled to China three times with Grand Master Tann. In 2008, after further examination I was made into an accredited IFSA Feng Shui Master in Singapore.





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