The Rooster in 2017 can make his wealth grow as he has many favourable stars. First, he must deal with the Tai Sui and facing across to the 3 killings, plus the flying star 3 of dispute, litigation and anger.


Place a pair of Pixiu in Red Tourmaline facing West 270 Degrees to protect yourself from the Tai Sui, subdue the 3 wood anger star and draw money to the Rooster.


As you are flanked by the 3 Killings, put either side of you 255 degrees and 285 degrees 3 celestial Animals or 3 Killins facing East to prevent three unforeseen kinds of loss and bad luck.


You can also place next to them 255 Degrees and 285 Degrees 3 Red Pyramids, FIRE will neutralise the 3 that affects like the TAI SUI, the whole of the West sector 250.5 - 289.5 Degrees that must not be disturbed NO DIGGING or RENOVATION.


The 3 if not handled can lead to stressful family quarrels and disputes. Stress if not handled can lead to sickness as well, please use a Metal Taoist Hulu next to your bed and 6 emperor coins under the carpet as metal also weakens the number 3 in the West areas of your home and office.


Note the Rooster has Nobleman Luck as the Yin Fire Ding Heavenly Stem is the Nobleman star of the Rooster, so put a Dragon with a Red Pearl that also helps with the Tai Sui, an auspicious Snake on Riches and an Ox on coins who has Heaven Luck. If you are looking for promotion place a Red Liu Li Phoenix so you can succeed with your mentors help more easily in 2017, as plenty of lucrative opportunities present themselves.


Carry a Dragon on you at all times to protect yourself from the Tai Sui and 3 Killings Keychain to stop the 3 Killings affecting you at home, work and while traveling.


Now we are ready for the BIG BOOST for Abundance, Good Fortune and Wealth Place a ROOSTER sitting on Golden Eggs in the West so your auspicious luck locks in and keeps going, or a Bejewelled Rooster so you can rise up, enjoy life and shine in 2017