The Dog in 2016 is visited by the number 3 Anger, Dispute and Litigation Star and this makes him show his fierce even aggressive side. Other stars too, make it hard for him to control his fiery temper, his hackles are up and he finds it hard to master his emotions and remain neutral. He must listen to his own intuition for guidance as he can also be led astray by other people with dishonorable intentions. He can be successful and make money in 2016, as long as he makes diplomacy his tactic when dealing with others. If you are not careful you can put off new clients, fall out with colleagues and long term friends and even family. Place as a main object 3 Dogs with Coins, a Gold Ingot and a Gold Buddha on either side of it in the North West 1 (300°).



Carry a piece of Heart shaped Rose Quartz in your pocket again at all times as it is an excellent crystal to help soothe and calm people down. Place a Double Rose Quartz crystal by your bed for Harmony with your partner and a good peaceful night's sleep.


Place on your desk in North West 1 (300°) a Rose Quartz Pagoda to help you to stay calm. This is the what this quartz does, and this year the dog needs to keep his cool. Carry a Double Happiness for Harmony.

There are funeral stars in your annual sign luck and the number 2 Black Sickness star affecting everyone. All this can make you very upset and play on your emotions and make you vulnerable. Carry a Hulu in a pouch at all times and six metal emperor coins as the metal will dissolve the 2 and actually help control the 3. Place a plain Gold Hulu by your bedside. Avoid YIN places, and funerals if possible, and favour yang places and Nature to lift you.



Use the Horse your ally, who has Heaven Luck to help you. Place a Blue Horse in the South 2 location  (180°) and a Horse, Dog and Tiger on Coins in the North West 1 (300°) Dog Location, so you have mentors and friends to help you. Carry an Abacus for Business Luck, and a Cicada to stop gossip. The Dog is sitting also on the Yi Dou mountain, so he can loose money if he is not careful. Carry a locket coin amulet to help. One can also place FUK LU SHOU in North West to create stronger Mentor Luck especially men as the patriarch is affected also by the number 3 flying star in the North West  (395.5°- 334.5°).



The Dog is flanked either side by the Big Auspicious mountain star in West 3  (285˚), and by the Small Auspicious mountain star in North West 2 (315˚), so he has the ability and support to make money and succeed. The key is to stay as calm and as kind as possible.  Place a Crab to draw money and attract money into the office or home. Place a RED GOLD FISH as the Chinese say, "Then money is always coming in".