The Dog in 2017 can accumulate money, store it and make it grow. However he must stay vigilant at all times, and avoid lending money in 2017, as he could regret it.

Use 3 Dogs with a pot of coins or as Nobleman help is good and needs activating in 2017 place a Dog on Coins, with a Rabbit on Coins who is enjoying the wealth star 8 and a Horse on coins with a Metal Wealth God on Tiger. To support you to the full and activate the Golden Deity Mountain you are sitting on.

Due to the 2 Black sickness star, and other stars you can get ruffled and stressed plus feel lonely. Mentors and asking for HELP is vital but also is placing a set of 6 Emperor coins 300 degrees on the Dog direction.

You are prone to accidents so must take care and avoid dangerous situations. I advise you placing 6 Emperor Coins and a Taoist Hulu in all the North West Sectors of your Home and Business 295.5-334.5 Degrees to stop the 2 Black Sickness star that is affecting the patriarch in 2017 and can also block the flow of money  if not remedied.


The aspiration of the North West is Mentors So use FUK LU SHOU for Happiness, Wealth and Health support and a Kuang Kong for Protection throughout 2017.