The Dragon has tremendous good fortune luck as he combines with the Annual Paht Chee of 2016 and the Monkey who is his ally gives him the support of the 8 Wealth Star. The Rat boosts his hidden water and storage of wealth, the power element of the year. The Rooster stands tall with him giving him,  scholastic help and the three Big Auspicious Mountain Stars. He does though, lack lucky Taoist stars so he must build and count on his support system his allies, plus the White one Career flying star and Victory star.


This is a large Dragon who has the potential to expand even on a large scale at corporate level. So what is his weakness in 2016? Its not to waver as the competition out there will be smolderingly hot with lots of fireworks. He must keep a very strong agile powerful mind full of confidence, as everyone in 2016 will feel various degrees of wavering due to the out of balance clashing energies. The main object for Dragon, is a Dragon Head Tortoise with a Pagoda to support him in his decisions in a very aggressive competitive market, and slowly over the year amass a fortune and expand. Place this main object on your desk, where you can see it.




For your career luck, place above all, a Monkey on Elephant in the South East 1 (120˚) for promotion and to help stay in charge.


Place a Ruyi on Stand also on your desk to give you confidence and authority in 2016 the authority star helps the dragon.


Activate your prosperous crafty Monkey on Coins with a Ruyi in the South East 1 (120˚).


If you want more of the power element of the year water, place a Rat too on coins next to them.


Carry a small set when you travel and work and a Cicada to stop any gossiping and back stabbing. set (Monkey on elephant and Rat on coins in metal).


Carry also in your bag or wallet your secret friends (Monkey, Rat and Dragon).




You must remedy the sickness star in the centre with 6 Coins and a Taoist Hulu as your health, is not the best, and you are prone to accidents.


Carry a Hulu in a pouch, and place a beautifully carved wooden Hulu in the South East Sector 1 (120˚).


You are sadly prone to accidents as well, so avoid extreme sports and be very careful in 2016. Travel with a wooden Hulu. Place by your bed or even on your desk, as you cannot afford to fall ill or hurt yourself.


The Dragon in 2016 can successfully look for a mate and it is a good year for marriage.


Place Mandarin Duck in South West  to enhance your Love Life.




Place A Dragon Boat coming in on the Dragon location (120˚), fill it with Ingot and Coins. Place a Dragon boat also in the South West Wealth star 8 location of Monkey your ally (240˚).


Place Arowana fish and Red Gold fish coming in the Southwest (240˚).


Place a Prosperity Toad coming in to office or home in the Southwest (240˚).