The Dragon 120 Degrees is blessed with many favourable stars in 2017, that help him to be lucrative and obtain his highest potential. Place a 9 Dragon in lui li 120 degrees or a Gold Dragon with pearl, a Rooster for Support and Wealth, a Rat in lui li with Coin,and a Monkey on Coins. Reach and get the maximum from 2017 as this year every astrological sign needs its noblemen.


Fix the 3 killings that is flanking you in the East 105 degrees as you could be affected by the 3 killings's meaning possible loss and disaster.  Place here 3 celestial animals or killins facing out East.



You are sitting on the Yearly Killings Mountain Star so put 2 pixiu 120 degrees facing in to stop it. Remedying is fine tuning for you.


The Small Auspicious is sitting next to you 135 degrees, so use a Wealth Buddha or Green Tara so it can support and lift you.

The number 9 future wealth star is already fruitful  in the South East, whose aspiration is wealth. Use Red Gold fish so money never lacks in Chinese here, or large red arrowana swimming in, a Red Abundance Ship garnished with ingots and coins and use some real money. Use a Red Peacock in lui li or a green or red Peacock that bring fame and fortune so you can powerfully shine in 2017.