4.2. 1930 - 4.2. 1931

4.2. 1942 - 4.2. 1943

4.2. 1954 - 3.2. 1955

4.2. 1966 - 3.2. 1967

4.2. 1978 - 3.2. 1979

4.2. 1990 - 3.2. 1991

4.2. 2002 - 3.2. 2003

4.2. 2014 - 3.2. 2015


The HORSE in 2018 as the ally of the DOG, is running in harmony with the beneficial annual energies and his NOBLEMEN support him. The Taoist Annual Stars are good for him financially and with the DOG, SHEEP and TIGER helping him, he has enough positive energies to create golden opportunities in 2018.

Display 180 degrees SOUTH HORSE ON COINS with 3 DOGS ON COINS, SHEEP ON COINS and TIGER ON COINS to launch your success and financial attainment in 2018.

The HORSE has the FLYING STAR 4 to create ROMANCE LUCK so if you are married place PINK SWANS 180 degrees SOUTH. There is infidelity in the air so place, if you sense anything is undermining your marriage a ROOSTER TO STOP INFIDELITY 180 degrees SOUTH and display one on your desk.

If you are single and free place LUI LI MANDARIN DUCK instead SOUTH 180 degrees at home. You can also DISPLAY ROSE QUARTZ MANDARIN DUCK SOUTH WEST as this location is related to Romance and is well aspected in 2018.

The HORSE in 2018 as he forges ahead is facing the 3 KILLINGS which can bring 3 kinds of Unforeseen LOSS that can effect your reputation, finances and bring personal loss and accidents to the HORSE in 2018.

The HORSE MUST PLACE 3 CELESTIAL ANIMALS 180 degrees SOUTH at home and at work facing in NORTH 0 degrees. Ideally ,as to be forewarned is to be forearmed he needs to protect the whole area from the 160.5 to 199.5 degrees SOUTH. He also needs to carry a 3 KILLINGS KEYCHAIN and a MONEY LOCK COIN.

The HORSE benefits from the FLYING STAR 4 bringing as well EDUCATIONAL LUCK so place a SCHOLASTIC PAGODA 180 degrees with a RUYI ON STAND You have the ability and the means to do extremely well in 2018 and excel yourself. In business you have the authority to take charge and stand tall.