The Horse has the number 6 Heaven star, and the energy and vibrance to pull away to success and victory. Place a Pegasus Horse in the South 2 (180˚) to help you over the hurdles, to the winning line. Your fire blends with the year fire from the Heavenly stem and people will come to help you to attain your goals.


The Sheep is your wealthy secret friend and can support you with the wealth star  8. Place a sheep and horse on coins in the South 2 (180˚) or in the Southwest 1 (210˚) as well.


Place a Monkey on elephant in the South 2 (180˚)so you will be able to rise up, run your business, reap the rewards and good fortune, you have been looking for. A Monkey on horse can help you in your job, to do well.

The number 7 robbery star means you must be careful of being robbed, cheated, taken advantage of or the victim of a violent act. Place a Blue Rhino and Elephant in the South 2 (180˚).


Carry an Elephant and Rhino to stop being rob  and a Cicada to stop gossiping behind your back.


This is a very competitive year, people will get hot headed, so don’t flare up but calmly stay on course and you will be greatly rewarded.


The whole location of the South is affected by the Three Killings and the Horse is sitting on the natural disaster mountain star. Place 3 celestial animals in the South at home and in the office to prevent this affliction. Since it affects all the South (160˚ - 199˚) you can put pixiu in smaller areas, so you are completely protected. Carry a 3 killings key chain at all times.


Your health is okay, but you must be wary of accidents, especially when you travel. You should have a Taoist Hulu with you by your bedside and a Hulu in a pouch, as you are also affected like everybody by the Black sickness star. Avoid yin places and funerals, as their energy can pull you down. Place a gold Buddha in the South 2 (180˚) to create yang positive energy.




The Horse’s love life is okay really, but he will due to the stars, feel lonely even if married or if he has a partner. He can enhance his own love life with Mandarin Ducks in the Southwest and with a Double Happiness key chain.

Others, could be jealous and speak badly of your good fortune and winning streak in 2016 in business. Place Rooster on the West of your desk, to stop the politicking.


Sheep and Horse are secret friends. The Sheep with the number 8 wealth star in 2016 is the Horse’s secret friend. Place a Horse in SW1 (210˚) on coins in Liu Li. Surround your Buddha with ingots and place a Horse on coins so money can increase. The Taoist stars of Heavens Blessings brings great promotion and wealth to the Horse but he needs alot of protection. Wear or carry a Pixiu for protection and a Tian liu for drawing and attracting money in 2016.