In 2017 the Horse has a lot of favourable  stars, however he is sitting directly 180 degrees on the 5 Yellows Misfortune star that flanks him either side as well. This is Earth into the Fire of the South that can strengthen the  Bad luck. Put a chien metal pagoda directly 180 degrees with a 6 rod Windchime, and 165 degrees and 195 degrees put in both locations a chien pagoda. Consequently you must put a chien pagoda in ALL South areas at home and at work.


Check as vital 165º degrees

                        180º degrees with a 6 rod wind chime

                         195º degrees


If there is a door then a wind chime in this active area is called for and 6 emperor coins over the door entrances facing South. Number 5 Misfortune means bad luck coming from the Earth and can be dangerous, the Fire of the south makes it worst. Metal neutralises and weakens the Earth so please REMEDY.


Now use your Nobleman to support you a metal Sheep with Coins, a Dog on Coins and a Metal Wealth God on Tiger with a Wealth Pot. A White blessed Quan Yin in LUI LI can be placed here to increase the Heavenly Virtue Luck and good fortune in 2017.



Use Cicada to stop back stabbing and a Rooster with Fan to stop Infidelity. For Marriage Luck place Metal Swans Remedied. Metal Vajras also help to neutralise the number 5 and can be used when traveling.

Please do not Dig or Disturb Earth here in 2017 and remove Tv's and pendulum clocks.


Finally Place a Metal Victory Horse South 180 degrees so you have the potential to win and reach for the Promotion and Prosperity Star that shines on you in 2017 despite the challenges you are the champion.