5.2. 1932 - 3.2. 1933

5.2. 1944 - 3.2. 1945

5.2. 1956 - 3.2. 1957

5.2. 1968 - 3.2. 1969

5.2. 1980 - 3.2. 1981

4.2. 1992 - 3.2. 1993

4.2. 2004 - 3.2. 2005

4.2. 2016 - 2.2. 2017


The cheeky fun loving MONKEY can scheme and make plans that will make him shine in 2018. however he must build himself up to be very strong as he is flanked by poor stars. You are blessed with the GOLDEN GILDED EDGE in 2018 so place 240 degrees a MONKEY ON COINS with MONKEY ON ELEPHANT and GOLD WEALTH GOD.

The MONKEY is sitting on the GOLDEN DIETY MOUNTAIN and has the favourable Number 6 Flying Star Heaven Luck to support him. The SNAKE one of his NOBLEMAN has the Number 8 WEALTH STAR so displaying him to 240 degrees as well will increase your WEALTH LUCK and in the location of the SNAKE 150 degrees place a SNAKE ON COINS with a MONKEY ON COINS so you can borrow your allies financial luck and maximise yours even more. GO for it.

Avoid displaying Dragons in 2018 as they are in conflict with the year. Place METAL TAOIST HULU AND GOLD BUDDHA 225 degrees SOUTH WEST and a GOLD PIXIU 255 degrees WEST facing in to stop yearly conflict from the TAI SUI close to you.

This year is wonderful for travelling, moving and creating dynamic change as you make 2018 into a wonderful successful venture. The Monkey also has academic success and is entitled to be his naughty self and take risks once he has remedied his home and business as it will pay off while he has fun making money and magic.