The Monkey location and the whole of the South West is visited by the 7 Robbery and Violent star that spells also Blood and wounds/cuts from Knives so one must remedy all the areas in the South West 205.5-244.5 with Black Mat, Bamboo in Water and a Blue Rhino and Elephant. This negative star also affects all women, as well as the Monkey. Carry a Blue Lui Li Elephant and Rhino and take extra care of yourself and your belongings.


In 2017 people can be robbed and mugged. Travel with a small lui li elephant and Rhino and place it near your bed stead.


Place on the Monkey 240 degrees a large Snake on Coin with ingot, and a blue liu li Rat with a Coin and a Dragon with gold pearl of great price. Wear a Jade Dragon your ally to maximise your good fortune. Use the Monkey on Elephant as you reach for Career success too in 2017 with your Noblemen.

The Monkey has a profound need of Protection in 2017 so use Black Pixiu facing South West to guard you and find the Indirect Wealth in Period 8 from the South West 240 Degrees, use an I phone and be precise. There is good Fortune but a lot of challenges. Put a Ruyi on Stand on your Desk and carry a jade green one. to help you make strong wise decisions and stay mentally balanced and clear. Place a Taoist Hulu by your bed to safe guard your health.