In order to enjoy the numerous positive Taoist stars in 2016 , the Ox  must place as his main objects a metal pagoda in the North East (30˚) and a Gold Pixiu in the North East (60˚) to stop the sui po mountain that is confronting the year sign Monkey. The OX this year is sitting on the mountain side 5 yellow next to the WU Wang 5 Misfortune yellow muntain star  in the NE (45˚), so he must neutralize all the negative energies and stars in the North East. A Six Rod Wind chime also can be used to stop the number 5 yellow misfortune mountain star and flying star, as both are exceptionally strong in a North East earth area. The North 3 (15˚) flanks him on the other side so he needs another Gold Pixiu to place in the N (315˚), for all round protection. Place 6 emperor coins to strengthen vital metal cures.



The OX will feel inertia, burdened and taunted in 2016 as he plods on facing challenges and obstacles. He needs Nobleman Luck as his chi is low and he lacks the motivation and drive he usually has. The Rooster who has 3 Big Auspicious Mountain Stars and the Scholastic Star and Romance star is his ally and the Snake who has the 1 white Career star. Place a Rooster, Snake and Rat your secret friend who has the power element of the Annual Paht Chee water, all in the North East (30˚) Location on coins. A large Dragon Head Tortoise too will help and support you in the North East.



As the Ox truly needs all the luck he can get from his allies, place an Ox Coins with a Rooster on coins in the West (270˚) with a 7 Level Pagoda so you can excel and stay mentally strong. This helps you to win and succeed as the Ox doesn't give up easily once he is motivated and is very courageous and hard working.


People will try to taunt and bully you in 2016. Don't rise to the bait, avoid making enemies and stay calm. This is a year not to make enemies but to get on peacefully with your life.


Place a Rooster in the West of your desk to stop the "Back Stabbing and Gossip".


Carry a Cicada as well to stop people talking badly about you.


Carry your secret friends with you at all times and a Double Happiness Harmony key chain.


Be on your guard to prevent money loss in 2016, carry a Money Lock Coin and focus on Saving.



Your Health is not strong either in 2016 due to the 5 Side yellow mountain star and it affects your family too. Take immediate action due to the Black 2 Sickness Star also, that affects everyone. It is like a large spider's web spreading out to all sectors if not stopped as well. (Place 6 Emperor Coins and Metal Taoist Hulu in centre of homes and offices)


Place a Dragon Tortoise with a Hulu in the North East and a metal Taoist Hulu on the North East 1 Locations (30˚), and carry a Hulu in pouch on you at all times.



Here a 3rd Party can effect your Marriage and Relationship so place a pair of metal Swans in the South West (240˚) and avoid confrontations with your partner, stay loyal.



  • Use a Dragon Boat sailing into your office and home bringing you good luck and prosperity chi (120˚) Southeast.


  • Use the powerful Arowana as well to usher in money more easily (120˚).


  • The Prosperity Toad too can help you as well as activating the 8 wealth star in the South West 3 (240˚) preferably and all doors and entrances of your home and office.


  • The OX is a winner and a proud hard working Astrological sign .stronger than most and more resilient he will overcome the challenges and make them into his stepping stones that bring him ever greater deserving good fortune.