4.2. 1925 - 3.2. 1926

4.2. 1937 - 3.2. 1938

4.2. 1949 - 3.2. 1950

4.2. 1961 - 3.2. 1962

4.2. 1973 - 3.3. 1974

4.2. 1985 - 3.2. 1986

4.2. 1997 - 3.2. 1998

4.2. 2009 - 3.2. 2010


The strong hardworking OX is affected by the No. 3 Anger, Dispute and Litigation Star, so he must be wary of drawing to himself litigation. He must stay positive and calm as possible and avoid getting involved in arguments. Creating strong positive goals at the beginning of the year will help him to succeed. You must remain confident despite others undermining insinuations and gossip.

Place RED TOURMALINE PIXIU facing out 45 degrees North East to protect yourself and your home in 2018 and to attract to yourself abundance, and some big luck as well.

Use Red carpets in 2018 in the North East 25.5-64.5 degrees to neutralise this very disruptive star affecting you at home and work. It can get you into trouble with the authorities. Avoid Red on stairs and use 6 Emperor Coins Instead.

Place at 30 degrees for harmony and support, an OX ON COINS with a SNAKE ON COINS who has Heavenly Luck and Wealth star 8. He is your Nobleman so borrow some of his wealth luck in 2018.

Place a GOLD METAL PIXIU 30 degrees as well facing in across to South West 210 degrees SHEEP to stop yearly conflict affecting you personally. Carry a ROSE QUARTZ HEART or wear Rose Quartz to stay calm and make PEACE your motto in 2018.

Place 45 degrees facing in for wealth luck RED GOLD FISH MONEY BOX as things will materialise and you will be rewarded for your efforts in 2018.