The OX is sitting 30 Degrees on the powerful blessed Earth Seal Mountain that gives him the Gui Ren the Heaven Luck that people pray for yearly. Place a Dragon Seal in LUI LI here or a Heaven Seal 30 degrees. Plus either side of the OX 15 degrees and  45 degrees are two BIG AUSPICIOUS STARS you must enhance so at last in 2017 your endurance and hard work will be rewarded.


There are some more subtle unfavourable stars that can make you unsure, create accidents and even test you financially if you don't use your nobleman to counteract them. Place your Nobleman especially RAT in 2017, Snake with coins in ingots, and a Rooster on Coins  30 degrees as well to support you, and lift you with the Mountain Stars that flank you enhanced too, for maximum results.


The number 4 flying star for Scholastic and Romance Luck is crossing the North East in 2017 whose natural aspiration is Educational Luck 25.5-64.5 Degrees. Place a Pagoda on Dragon Tortoise Lui Li for academic excellence or a scholastic Pagoda and 2 Dragon Carp jumping over Heaven's Gate to pass exams and do well studying. Email us to calculate your academic star animals from your date of birth, Thanks.


For the Romance Star use Double Rose Quartz Crystals and Mandarin Duck preferably Lui Li, for marriage luck use two Swans and to stop infidelity with  a Rooster with fan.


For further Wealth place with your Nobleman a Wealth Pot with an OX sitting on it 30 degrees, so you have all the potential and support to go far and even excel in 2017.