5.2. 1935 - 4.2. 1936

4.2. 1947 - 4.2. 1948

4.2. 1959 - 4.2. 1960

4.2. 1971 - 4.2. 1972

4.2. 1983 - 3.2. 1984

4.2. 1995 - 3.2. 1996

4.2. 2007 - 3.2. 2008

4.2. 2019 - 3.2. 2020


The PIG is considered the luckiest of all CHINESE ASTROLOGICAL SIGNS. He is compassionate, efficient and has good brain power and in 2018 he has an affinity with the Dog so with the energies of the year. He has the the luck of the number 1 White Star in the North west so he can put some of his wonderful plans into operation this year as well.

All his NOBLEMAN have enough luck to support him, so place TIGER ON COINS, RABBIT ON COINS, HORSE ON COINS in NORTH WEST 330 degrees and a PAIR OF METAL RHINOS as you are sitting in 2018 on the ROBBERY MOUNTAIN which can make it easy for you to be taken advantage of and robbed. Avoid showing off your wealth.

Safeguard yourself with METAL HULU Truly wonderful stars shine on you bringing not just career luck but success and happiness. Display RUJI ON STAND and EAGLE for career luck with KUAN KONG 330 degrees.

You are affected by the 3 Killings flanking you 345 degrees that can bring 3 kinds of unforeseen loss of money, reputation and personal loss. Display 3 Killings 345 degrees facing North 0 degrees. Carry 3 KILLING KEYCHAIN On the other side you are lifted by an small auspicious luck star place here GOLD BUDDHA and 8 embossed gold ingots. PIGS love to entertain, so keep your joy going and your vibrations positive as you enjoy the party.