The Pig in 2016 has very strong Mentor luck, as he is sitting on Heaven Seal Mountain Star, and he has the Gui Ren to help him succeed this year.  This mountain star also gives him mentors to help him.

Place a 3 legged Heaven Pot in the North West 3 and fill it with Ingots. Put a Gold Buddha next to it on right. These are the Main objects for the PIG/BOAR.


Carry a Rose Quartz crystal that helps calm people. Take three deep breaths, center yourself, and quieten yourself before making decisions.


Don't let your emotions get the better of you. The Pig has peach blossom luck in love to help you in 2016. You can put a RAT in the North 2 location (0˚) of your bedroom to activate it or a pair of pink swans in the Southwest to strengthen your marriage or relationship.


The Pig must avoid feeling despondent, irritated and misunderstood. He can feel lonely and fall out even with his family and friends plus colleagues due to the number 3 Anger, Dispute and Litigation flying star in the North West Location in 2016. The Pig must communicate and share himself as he is truly not the victim of rejection and on the contrary he has a lot of Heaven Luck and Nobleman to help him. For the Pig it is a very positive year.


  • Carry a Hulu in a pouch for your Health.
  • Place a metal Hulu in the North West 3 Location (330˚).
  • Carry a Double Happiness key chain for harmony.



The Pig has the ability to succeed, as long as he masters his emotions, avoids taking financial risks and plays it safe. The competition is harsh for everyone but the number 3 flying star as mentioned can create disputes and litigation you must avoid at all costs. Place 6 Emperor Coins in the North West 3 (330˚) to strengthen the CHIEN number 6 here of the North West as the patriarch and men are affected. The Metal must be strong in the Northwest so as to weaken the number 3.


Place Sheep, your ally, standing on coins with a Ruyi to bring you the wealth star 8 and the Ruyi to empower you. Stand tall and strong and don't let gossip and dubious people affect you.


  • Carry a cicada to stop the gossiping.
  • Carry an abacus for business luck.


For vital protection from sitting 3 Killings mountain star (345˚) next to you, place a Gold Pixiu facing south in North 1 location (345˚).


You can also place Fuk Luk Shou (330˚) at home or  in the office to increase your mentor luck.




The Pig's  Wealth luck is excellent and your ability to succeed, as your endeavors are Heaven Blessed.


Place a Gold Arowana  and Toad facing in bringing Abundance, into your home or office, on doors and in the Southwest location (205.5˚ - 244.5˚).


Place in North West 3 (330˚) Fish Jumping on waves with coins and diamonds.