The Pig in 2017 is sitting like the Dog on a Gold Deity star 330 degrees, but is flanked by yin star NW2 see Mountain stars and Yearly Conflict N1, and his stars are not all bright. The 2 Black Sickness star and other stars can make you feel alone, stressed, under the weather, accident prone and liable to loose money.

Place our 6 Emperor Coins on your location 330 degrees and you can use a 6 rod Wind chime and metal Taoist Hulu. The 2 Black Sickness star affects the whole of the North West and the patriarch, so check you have 6 emperor coins in the North West locations at home and at work. 295.5 - 334.5 Degrees.

Remedy your mountain stars, then please use the HELP of your Nobleman in 2017. Place a Wealth God on Tiger for Golden Deity with a Pig On Coins,Rabbit on Coins who has wealth star 8 and Sheep on coin with Ruyi for power 330 Degrees.


Once you have Remedied your flanking mountain locations, quelled the 2 Sickness star and leant on your Noblemen for their much required help, add a large Kuang Kong to protect you.



For Wealth Abundance and Happiness put a Wealth Pot with a Golden Wealth Buddha with a large opulent stomach and focus on life with a smile enjoying it, which automatically creates luck.