The flying Star is the 9 future prosperity star in 2016 and the Rabbit is flanked by two Big Auspicious stars either side. All the combinations of Lucky Mountain Stars and flying star means the Rabbit is a lucky one, that can accomplish great things during the year, that will have far reaching positive results. He can at times feel weak and wary due to the Reducing Energy Star, he is sitting, on but he has lots of Nobleman to help him whom he can actually trust.


Place Sheep on coins  in the Location of the Rabbit (90˚), as he is your ally, and has the number 8 wealth star to help you and give you lots of Abundance. You can also place the PIG ON COINS next to him, your 2nd ally who has GUI REN Heaven luck and Water, the Power Element of the Annual Paht Chee.


Place 2 cranes in the East (90˚) for long life.


Since your Health is not strong wear a DIZI for Longetivity.


Place 2 Hulus Liu Li  in the East in your living room.


Place a Wooden beautifully carved Hulu, next to your bed.


The Rabbit must rest, but then he must be active and promote himself. Women due to the very auspicious South West will find this easier than the men, but both can do exceptionally well. Your Health like everybody is very important, so you can enjoy your career and wealth. Please put a Hulu in the centre of your House and Office with 6 Emperor coins and carry without fail a Hulu in pouch.


With two auspicious Mountain stars and two positive allies plus Nobleman Stars in your chart, you have lots of exceptional luck to propel you forwards to Abundance. The number nine Future Prosperity star heralds the way to future wealth luck and good news.


Place a Boat coming in from the East for smooth sailing with your main allies Sheep and Pig and add a Rabbit on Coins too, with your secret friend dog.


Place a Peacock for promotion and recognition luck.


After the Romance star of last year things continue to move into a stronger relationship with more commitment in 2016 or even marriage.


Continue to keep the Love vibes going, place Mandarin Duck Rose Quartz Duck in the South West and the East too.


Carry a Double Happiness Rose Quartz symbol for Harmony.




The Rabbit sector enjoys the 9 future Prosperity Star in the EAST.


Place a Tree with coins so your wealth and Abundance can grow.


Place a Green Cabbage and Gold Toad coming in with Green crystals.


Lots of BIG wonderful Auspicious things will come to the Rabbit and a good fortunate purse.