The Rabbit in 2017 to reach his highest potential has to overcome many obstacles and challenges due to many unfavourable stars, as well as  facing directly the Tai Sui in the West ,and facing the 3 Killings East on the Natural Disaster Mountain Star. To use fengshui to remedy is to be forewarned so you can change your stumbling blocks into stepping stones to then activate the flying star 8.


Place 3 Celestial animals or 3 Killins facing East 70.5-109.5 but especially 90 degrees on the Rabbit. Check all East facing directions in your Home and Work Place and carry a 3 killing keychain to stop 3 types of unforeseeable loss and disaster.


Place 2 Gold Pixiu 90 degrees facing West inward due to the Rabbit confronting the Tai Sui and therefore his luck in 2017, and carry a Pixiu plus a Dragon to minimise accidents that can occur in 2017 plus ill health. Place a Dragon Head tortoise with Hulu East 90 degrees.


Use a Dragon Head Tortoise in Lui Li preferably or in metal 90 degrees to support you at home and at work and the Eldest son who is affected by the Tai Sui with the Pixiu.



Use your Noblemen to support yourself Dog on Coins who has small auspicious in 2017 , the Sheep with Coins who always has storage and indirect wealth and Pig on Coins who has Golden Diety. In 2017 the Rabbit especially needs Noblemens' help.


Now you can activate the 8 Wealth Star, but remain calm and do not overspend, make saving money your goal now. Focus on the positive with gratitude to help the flow so the riches can be obtained. Use a Dragon Boat or an Abundance Sailing Boat filled with coins, a Green Cluster Toad, a Tree on a money pot, a Crab to attract money or a Prosperity Cabbage in Lui Li, a powerful chinese symbol of wealth, that also resonates with the abundant green Health the Rabbit needs to reach for in