There is both positive and negative in the Rat's luck in 2016. First of all, the Rat's allies are both the Dragon who has the 1 white career flying star and small auspicious mountain star, and the Monkey who has the number 8 Wealth star. Both combine, like you do, with the annual Paht Chee chart. Use a  Dragon Boat in the North 2 (0˚) to usher in the Good Luck as your Main object with your two allies.



It is both your Mentors, the Dragon and Monkey that can provide you with the maximum help and support you. Place in the North 2 both a Dragon on coins and Monkey with Ruyi in Liu Li to give you the extra authority and Business luck you need. Otherwise you can place a Monkey, Dragon and Rat together (0˚) North, here or in the SW3 (240˚) Monkey or SE1 (120˚) Dragon for support. The Rat must save money, or it gets easily depleted financially. The Rat has the star GOLD Lock that rarely appears in his chart, so he must use it to its full advantage. Avoid being a spend thrift and invest money in land, property, in the element of Earth as it will yield long term assets.



Place a plain Metal Hulu or a Taoist Hulu in the N2 sector with a Dragon Head Tortoise, as your health is not that strong, and you can suffer from minor ailments and accidents. The Rat can easily fall ill, and be affected emotionally and mentally by the Yin Star Mountain you are sitting on in 2016. This can cause loss and remove the Rat's confidence, that takes some doing as he is a survivor. Avoid yin places and focus on positive places that lift you up. Watch a funny movie, the Rat will always find a way out and the solution.


The Rat is also facing the 3 Killings and is flanked on either side by the Facing 3 killings Mountains. The 3 killings brings three types of unforeseen bad luck and loss.  He must place Gold Pixiu in both the N1 (345˚), and N3 (15˚) facing south to stop this. One can place also 3 celestial guardians in the Rat location North 2. RAT (0˚) facing south (180˚). Use a mobile phone if you don't have a compass or lopan to check the directions and locations. Remember the Pixiu and 3 celestial animals come from the North area, and must be placed in the North facing to the South.


All these cures, will truly boost the Rat's confidence and help him to make strong powerful choices, as this year could be very challenging, and he needs to use all his wits and go for it, as he can very lucky indeed as the Monkey is his ally and he is strong.




The Rat must also carry a Hulu in a pouch due to the Black 2 sickness star affecting everyone.


He also needs protection from the number 7 violent star in 2016. This means you can be robbed, people can take advantage of you and you can be mugged.


Carry a Blue Rhino and Elephant and place a Rhino and Elephant in the North with black mats to dissolve the number 7 violent star.


Carry a Harmony peace Key chain.




Not the best year for love so strengthen your love life and marriage. The South West is strong with the number 8 wealth star there in the South West location (205.5˚ - 240.5˚) which is the auspicious location for Love. So use crystal ducks in your bedroom and living room to enhance and strengthen your marriage.



The Rat can perform brilliantly in business, as long as he is not stressed and mentally depleted. Place a white crystal Pagoda in the North sector of your desk (0˚) where you can see it. This will hold your mind still and help you to be clear and stay focused.


Put a Monkey on an Elephant in the South West 3 or North 2 Rat Direction for Career support, promotion and bonuses.


Place a pair of Blue Elephants facing out to draw in Prosperity from the South West (240˚) or South East (120˚).


Use a Gold Crab to draw in the money also.