5.2. 1924 - 3.2. 1925

5.2. 1936 - 3.2. 1937

5.2. 1948 - 3.2. 1949

5.2. 1960 - 3.2. 1961

5.2. 1972 - 3.2. 1973

4.2. 1984 - 3.3. 1985

4.2. 1996 - 3.2. 1977

4.2. 2008 - 3.2. 2009


In 2018 the clever RAT has to borrow the luck the luck of another sign to shift his luck into a positive drive. Alone he struggles with trials and tribulations of misfortune through out the year due to the flying star 5 yellows in the NORTH SECTOR.

To remedy place a chien metal 5 ELEMENT PAGODA in all the North locations of your HOME and BUSINESS 0 degrees. If you have a door here place along the top of the door 6 EMPEROR COINS with 4 engravings showing.

The RAT is also negatively affected by the 3 KILLINGS in the NORTH sector. This can bring 3 kinds of unforeseen financial and personal loss made worse by the 5 yellows affecting you too.

Place 3 CELESTIAL ANIMALS facing out North 0 degrees. Carry a 3 KILLINGS KEYCHAIN at all times.

Place a TAOIST HULU to safe guard your health NORTH 0 degrees and by your bed in 2018.

The RAT is a survivor, he is competitive and if you put him in a maze his instinct will eventually find a solution and way out. But why undergo all that fear and heartache when you can remedy and borrow the luck of your Nobleman the MONKEY as well, who is sitting on GOLDEN DIETY MOUNTAIN STAR and has HEAVEN LUCK in 2018.

Display a MONKEY ON COINS with a RAT ON COINS NORTH 0 degrees once you have remedied and for double luck display them again in the location of the MONKEY 240 degrees.

Place NORTH 0 degrees a GOLD BUDDHA and WEALTH DIETY with WEALTH TORTOISE as the Taoist Wealth God comes from the North in 2018 so needs to be displayed in the North of the Living Room facing SOUTH 180 degrees.

At work and at home do everything to remedy and protect yourself and remember to keep the NORTH as quiet as possible. Do not Renovate, Drill or Build in this area. Remove Chiming clocks, Tv’s Computers and fax machines. Seek to create peace and tranquility throughout 2018 325.5- 34.5 degrees. You can use an I PHONE to check directions so you are precise. Have a professional PAHT CHEE reading so we can help you personally in 2018. Borrow the luck of the MONKEY so you can find financial and career luck plus harmony and peace.

This is the way of the Masters, use the luck of the MONKEY so you can forge ahead, take charge and MASTER YOUR DESTINY.