This year is a big improvement on last year, as there is a lot more positive stars to enhance your luck. Place a Wealth Tortoise 2017 North 3 15 degrees with a Dragon Boat coming in to the Home and 2 Gold Pixiu facing in 345 degrees so you are lifted on either side of the Rat who needs energy as he is sitting on Reducing Energy Mountain 0 Degrees. Place an amonite 0 Degrees in your Home and Work Place on the Rat and wear an A grade JADE Dragon on you as ally/ nobleman in 2017. You have the 6 White Heaven Star crossing your sector, so use a lui li Rhino and Elephant, and a black mat to stop any potential robbery due to this old sometimes jaded star that can also create litigation. The positive aspect is the Heaven Luck that can help the Rat by using a Blue Rat with Coin 0 degrees with his Nobleman the Ox in Lui li or on coins who is blessed with Heaven Gui Ren Luck and Earth Seal Luck.This is  a double combined enhancer  to help the Rat to do fabulously well with the help of his friend the OX in 2017.



Please Remember the aspiration of the North is career, so please place a Crab on coin to draw in wealth, golden arrowana or a  beautiful auspicious Blue Lui LI Carp swimming into the home to boost and support this area in 2017 for the career of all signs and especially the Rat.