The Rooster is sitting on three Big Auspicious Mountain Stars, so he has all the boosting power to go far this year. The Main Object is a Rooster sitting on a nest of Golden Eggs place (270°) West. With last years 5 Misfortune Star off his back , 2016 is a vast contrast with all the potential to obtain great wealth and success.


The 2 Sickness star may affect him like everybody and any old disturbance and stale chi. Therefore cleansing, clearing and de cluttering Feng Shui helps. By throwing or giving away things you don't need and letting go, you're boost your luck and aura.  The Auspicious Sun Star brings Light, Positivity, Rebirth and so many truly good things to the Rooster.  As the door opens to a wonderful New Year, and new horizons, focus on the glow and all the vibrant good health and success you want in 2016.


The Dragon is your secret friend and combines with the annual Paht Chee. Place the Dragon Boat and fill it with coins, ingots and jewels in the West (270°) , so that bountiful blessings can be bestowed on you, as it sails into your home or office.  Place a Blue Prosperity carp (270°) so the powerful water chi can make your career more abundant and so things flow with greater ease and tranquility. Water is the power element in 2016.


The jumping Fish with Pearl on a green, blue base with waves, offers that very precious energy so you can now spring into action. It's a Money Box so place 3 coins in it for a continuous flow of money and to lift you up also into some dynamic positive changes.



Carry a pouch with a Hulu at all times due to the 2 Black Sickness Star affecting everyone and put a Taoist Hulu in the West 2  Rooster Location (270°). Let the Taoist Gods take charge and Guard your Health. Drink lots of water to counteract the yang fire of the year.



The number 4 Flying star visits the West (250.5° - 289.5°) in 2016. Place a Scholastic Pagoda here, and 2 Carps with Dragon Gate in the west (270°) for Examination Success. This can help all ages, so you have a sharp clear aware mind at all times. There is very strong competition in the air so stay on the ball, don't show off and observe. Remember you have 3 Auspicious Stars to help you be the winner. Forget the spurs and use your wit and intelligence while staying calm.


  • Carry a Double Happiness key chain for harmony.
  • Carry a Cicada to stop gossip and backstabbing.
  • Carry Secret Allies to support you, ROOSTER OX SNAKE.


Place 2 Pink Swans too in the West (270°) to activate Romance star or in South West (205.5° - 244.5°) so there is Harmony in your marriage or relationship with your partner.


Saving Money is the vital tip for all of us this year. Increase your power and wealth with a Blue Liu Li Dragon sitting on coins, representing a storage of money in the West (270°). Place a Gold Dragon with a Gold pearl coming in on the location of the Rooster West 2 (270°) and let your secret friend pave a way of great Abundance for you.