4.2. 1933 - 3.2. 1934

4.2. 1945 - 3.2. 1946

4.2. 1957 - 3.2. 1958

4.2. 1969 - 3.2. 1970

4.2. 1981 - 3.2. 1982

4.2. 1993 - 3.2. 1994

4.2. 2005 - 3.2. 2006

3.2. 2017 - 3.2. 2018


The ROOSTER's Flower of Romance is the HORSE who has the annual Romance Star flying Star 4 and Educational Academic Star. This gives the ROOSTER the charm and the charisma he needs in 2018 to enhance his love life whether single or married. The ROOSTER is normally flamboyant and unpredictable and he enjoys attention, but he will be feeling rather tired and depleted in 2018. He is overshadowed by the Black Number 2 illness star in 2018 and he is sitting on " Reducing Energy Star " not a good combination. The proud ROOSTER could be quieter than usual.

Place 270 degrees a ROOSTER ON COINS with a SNAKE ON COINS your NOBLEMAN who in 2018 enjoys the Wealth star 8 and can truly help you financially this year with MONEY LUCK BUCKET Plus to get more money, but also HEAVEN SEAL BLESSED LUCK put a ROOSTER ON COINS with A SNAKE ON COINS as well in the SOUTH EAST with a WEALTH DIETY Apart from eating healthy food, exercising and concentrating on your well- being you need to put a HULU WITH DRAGON TORTOISE with 6 EMPEROR COINS in all the WEST LOCATION of your home and business 270 degrees. The west runs from 250.5 degrees to 289.5 degrees so please check all rooms falling within this precise reading.

Place by your bed a METAL HULU also and if possible avoid sleeping in this area or the NORTH Each side of the ROOSTER are conflict energies in 2018 so place a GOLD PIXIU 255 degrees facing in towards EAST 105 degrees in and 285 degrees facing in 75 degrees EAST.

TO BOOST YOU RIGHT UP USE CRANES and a QUAN YIN, this is not a year to fight but to let go and let kind compassionate energies unfold you and your life.