The Sheep is a sign who has the ability to store wealth, and this year he is visited by the number 8 Flying Star so he can draw a lot of Abundance to himself, and his success luck is excellent. Place as Main Objects a Sheep on Coins and Red Pixiu to protect and attract large sums of money from the South west direction.




The Pixiu offer protection from the Tai Sui that is mainly affecting the Monkey 240 degrees sector and the yin mountain star (225˚). The pixiu protect but also have the  ability to attract large sums of money from the 8 white wealth star crossing the whole South West sector (205.5˚-240.5˚), and from the Indirect wealth of the whole period 8. These Red fiery Pixiu strengthen the money star 8 and the  Southwest earth. This brings to the Matriarch wonderful strong  luck.


The Sheep is also sitting on the Yearly Killings South West 1, and is flanked in the South by the 3 Killings bringing unpredictable loss. One must remedy the South West 1 (210˚) with a Gold Pixiu and the South 3 (195˚) with 3 Celestial Animals.


The Red Jade Pixiu offers protection as the Tai Sui is in the South West 3 location 3 (240˚) as well as the Yin Star in South West 2 (225˚). The Sheep is sitting on the yearly Killings South West 1 (210˚) Mountain Star, and is flanked also in the South by the 3 Killings (195˚), bringing unpredictable loss three times.


These negative stars make you waver, indecisive and you could also miss out on some great opportunities. Apart from protective cures, place a Horse that has Heaven's Blessings and is your secret friend with your Sheep in the South West 1 (210˚). The Horse will give you the drive, the confidence, to believe in yourself and win. Women in 2016 due to the number 8 in the south west sector related to women, do better than men as the Patriarch has to content with the aggressive, litigation and dispute star.


One needs to work hard, but it is worth it for the success and money you can earn and reap in 2016. You will have plenty of opportunities, and very good ones to get a promotion or excel in your career.


Place a Monkey on an Elephant in the South West and a Ruyi on Stand, so you stay very clear and strong mentally.


Place a Cicada on your desk for Business Success.




Dating, courting and Marriage are positive this year if you want to tie the knot. Romance is good so place Rose Quartz Ducks in South West areas to enhance your love life. Socialize, if you are a lone Sheep or not, when you get out there you will meet lots of people and life won't pass you by.



Avoid stress, quarrels and Beware of Accidents. Your Health can set you back a bit.


  • Carry a Hulu in a pouch.
  • Carry a Double Happiness Rose Quartz.
  • Carry a Cicada to stop back stabbing.




The Number 8 Wealth star will bring a lot of wealth as it is in an Earth area like itself, so enjoy enhancing it. In Asia some Big companies put a whole fleet of ships, so you can see big too.


Place a lot of gold in the South West to enhance this area with Boats filled with Ingots and Gold sailing in.


Place a Large Ingot and fill it with small ingots and coins.


Place Gold Arowanas, they will also work to keep the money flowing in.


Place a large Earth coloured Liu Li Toad to add to the Sheep's amazing fortune. The icing on the cake is carrying a Pixiu and Tian Liu,  constantly protecting and drawing money towards you. The Sheep's Mountain of Gold will grow and is best saved and use to help the family to create harmony health and luck.