The Sheep 210ยบ Degrees is sitting on the small auspicious mountain star in 2017 flanked by the 5 yellows Misfortune star 195 degrees South he must remedy with a Chien Pagoda and 6 Rod Wind chime. He must avoid yin / negative places and funerals unless vital as he is also crossed over by the 7 violent star that can rob him, and set him back financially. Stay away from dark allies and, be careful of violence from especially from Knives, associated with Blood and Cutting.



Use Black Mats in the South West 205.5-244.5 Degrees with Blue Rhino and Elephant in Lui Li, that I suggest you carry and put by your bed especially when you are traveling. Bamboo in Water can also neutralise this Negative star that also affects women/the matriarch in 2017.Place a Blue Medicine Buddha South West 225 Degrees or use a large Black Hulu.


Give to Charity and Celebrate in 2017, focus on all that positive and wonderful exciting energy and Joy.


Use your Nobleman to support and Help you in 2017 A Rabbit on Coins, a Pig on coins and a Victory Horse with a Wealth Pot and you will overcome any challenges, so you can enjoy the Crown of Success.