The Snake in the Southeast sector (150˚) is visited by the number 1 white career and victory Star, and he is flanked by the Small Auspicious mountain star, plus helped by alot of positive Taoist Nobleman Stars. The main object is a Snake astride a Dragon head tortoise, to support him through the year.


The Snake’s secret friends is the Monkey. Put a Monkey riding on an Elephant in the Southeast 3 (150˚) for career luck and success. Place a Pixiu in the South 1 (165˚) to stop the 3 killings mountain star next to you. The Snake is sitting on the Robbery mountain Star. So you must place a Blue Elephant and Rhino in the Southeast  3 (150˚) .


Carry a Cicada to stop gossiping behind your back and place a gold Cicada on your desk for business luck.


Avoid stress and relax, this is the year when the Small Auspicious star in the Southeast (135˚) flanking you will offer you a lot of wonderful  opportunities, for success, change and blessed support  from others. Creating new things, moving, changing even a job will help you. Place a gold Buddha in the Southeast 2, (150˚) with Ingots. You also have the authority like the Dragon this year due to the flying star one white.



Your health is okay but you must keep a wooden taoist Hulu by your bed and carry a Hulu pouch.


You must remedy the center with a metal Taoist Hulu and Six Emperor Coins.


Carry a Double Happiness symbol  and a Rose Quartz heart for harmony.


Put Mandarin Duck in Southwest 3 (240˚). It is a good year to find a partner or to tie the knot.



The Snake can make money and is supported by Taoist Stars, not only his allies in 2016.


  • Place a Snake and Monkey on coins in Southwest 3, (240˚).
  • Place a Dragon Boat on your Small Auspicious mountain (135˚) SE so it delivers a lot of goodies and wealth.
  • Place a Rooster on coins in Southeast 3, (150˚) and get the luck of 3 Big Auspicious mountains from your ally.
  • This is a year when the Snake will be going places.