The Snake sitting on a Small auspicious mountain still has to overcome  obstacles and challenges due to unfavourable stars and the Sitting 5 Yellows star 165 degrees next to him. Here he must put a Metal chien pagoda and 6 rod wind chime to stop the misfortune star. He is also flanked by a small auspicious star like the one he is sitting on. Put a Large Gold Buddha or a Green Tara with a Green Peacock, as it is a wood sector and it can help you to obtain positive support from others and a good reputation in 2017.


Place a Snake on coins with ingot so you can stand up strongly and then surround him with his Noblemen the Ox on coins, the Monkey on Coins and a strong colourful Rooster all 150 Degrees South East.


Carry a cicada to stop people gossiping about you and place a Cicada on your desk. Put a Rose Quartz Double Heart by your bed so you can feel more relaxed and peaceful and a wooden Hulu can also help your Health chi.


The 9 Prosperity star enters the South East this year where the Aspiration is Wealth. The 9 represents future Wealth and Abundance in 2017 but it is becoming stronger as we grow closer to next year and the end of period 8 in 2024 and must be enhanced. Use a Tree on Money Pot, Red Gold Fish meaning a constant flow of money, Arrowana fish with Prosperity Toads and an Abundance Ship garnished with Ingots, coins and real Money.