Talismans date back 7,000 years. Made by Taoist Monks and Masters from China.

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A. Nobleman Talisman: Attract nobleman, Wealth, Bring Business opportunity. £396

B. Eight horse talisman: Bring works smoothly, changing of new jobs. To enhance selling of houses which are difficult to sell. Boost up personal luck. £396

C. Earth God Talisman: To enhance Lottery luck, to find good house. Also bring noblemen near you to achieve whatever things you request. £396

D. Five direction god Talisman: To bring good luck and peoples which like to gain more money through the 5 directions. £591

E. The God Of Wealth Talisman. (Zhao Gong Ming) Talisman: Brings in good personal luck, wealth and Business. Powerful protector can also eliminate obstacles. £396

F. Career Talisman: To bring in good luck. Enhance people with no luck and remove obstacles. £396

Included free with every order, is an aura reading. Please give date of birth for free aura reading with a recent picture of you.