4.2. 1926 - 4.2. 1927

4.2. 1938 - 4.2. 1939

4.2. 1950 - 3.2. 1951

4.2. 1962 - 3.2. 1963

4.2. 1974 - 3.2. 1975

4.2. 1986 - 3.2. 1987

4.2. 1998 - 3.2. 1999

4.2. 2010 - 3.2. 2011


The TIGER 60 degrees is affected by the Number 3 Anger, Dispute and Litigation Star, but he is sitting on a strong foundation EARTH SEAL mountain luck flanked by huge auspicious luck. He has the ability to go far in 2018 if he stays calm. He has the authority to develop his powerful ambitions. Place RED TOURMALINE PIXIU 60 degrees facing out to counteract and neutralise the litigation, dispute and anger star, plus to draw to yourself great financial luck.

Use Red carpets at Home and at Work in the NORTH EAST 25.5 degrees to 64.5 degrees as an extra deterrent to neutralise this strong dispute star in 2018. Avoid Red on stairs and use 6 emperor coin under tread instead. Place GOLD METAL PIXIU 75 degrees EAST facing in so you neutralise any yearly conflict close by.

For greater harmony, abundance and Nobleman luck place TIGER ON COINS with 3 DOGS ON COINS plus HORSE AND PIG ON COINS that all have auspicious flying stars in 2018 and are your all round LUCK BOOSTERS.

The DOG is fortunately for the TIGER his astrological ally, so he is in Harmony with the energies of 2018, which back him up and smooth things out for him. By displaying HORSE, DOG AND PIG ON COINS with a WEALTH GOD ON TIGER 60 degrees ( available on request ) you can be standing tall on the victory podium by the end of 2018 with dynamic, wonderful career and wealth luck.