The Tiger in 2016 is sitting on the SUI PO mountain star (60˚), confronting the Grand Duke JUPITER, and therefore offending him. This means he is directly clashing with the Monkey of the Year. The Main Objects, he must place are cures and then he can be very successful and make a lot of money. Place a metal Pagoda on the location of the  Tiger North East 3 (60˚) and a Gold Pixiu to stop the sui po. Hang a wind chime with 6 rods and a special Bagua Disc in the North East 2 (45˚)as you are flanked by the 5 Yellows Misfortune star Wu Wang. The Misfortune 5 yellow mountain star and 5 yellow flying star is very powerful this year. It is 5 yellows Earth going into North East Earth, so it is malevolent energy is amplified, if one does not neutralize it with very strong Metal in all the North East Sectors (25.5˚ - 64.5˚).



The Wu Wang 5 Misfortune Flying Star and Mountain Star can also create Health problems for the Tiger. Place a Dragon Head Tortoise with Hulu in the North East 3 (63˚) degree and 6 Emperor Coins in ALL the North East sectors of your Home and Office. North East 30 to (60˚). Also please try and keep these area as calm as possible and Do not Dig or Renovate here. If possible avoid Clocks, Fax Machines, TV's etc..that activate the Bad Luck.


Carry a Hulu in pouch and don't forget to neutralize the 2 Blackness Star with a Metal Taoist Hulu and 6 Emperor coins.


Be wary of Accidents and Injury and carry a Snake to stop the Triple Punishment caused by Monkey and Tiger clashing.



The Tiger also enjoys the Big Auspicious Mountain Star that flanks him, as this can lift him and bring Big Luck. Place a  jumping Fish with pearl of great price in the East 1 (75˚)


Place a Big Prosperity Toad in the South West Sheep (210˚) and a crab in this Sector also, to attract wealth.


Plus place a Boat filled with Ingots and Coins bringing in Wealth from the Sheep Direction where the number 8 is and indirect Wealth (210˚) and frome the East 1 (75˚) due to the big auspicious mountain star supporting you.


The Tiger this year can be very successful, but it is vital, he places Feng Shui cures. He must also stay focused, present and aware of things going on around him. He must be watchful and very careful like he was walking a tight rope as things unfold. He must put his strong strategy abilities to their maximum and thread carefully,


Place your allies Horse on coins who has Heaven Luck and Blessings Star with the Dog on coins and the Pig your secret friend who has Gui Ren Heaven Luck, in the North East Tiger (60˚).


To amplify your luck place also in the location of Horse (180˚) your 3 allies in the location of dog (300˚) and in the location of pig


  • Dog 300 degrees
  • Pig   330 degrees


Then your allies and secret friends 3 will support you in all these areas.


Do this at Home and in your Office, picking the size best suited for your needs.


Endurance and hard work is what will bring you Great Success Luck. You cannot rest as you must stay alert, so you can sense trouble, observe, be diplomatic and avoid clashes and confrontations. Don't be rash or pushy, weigh everything up and then act, moving with the flow then flare and enjoy the success that all Tigers can achieve in 2016. There will be challenges and setbacks so always pause briefly, accept and enjoy, and then proceed as there is a lot of strong positive Taoist stars to make things very successful indeed.


Noblemen will help you but carry a cicada to stop gossip. Carry a Double Harmony key chain and enhance your Love Life with Mandarin Duck.


Place a Gold Pixiu also in the South West Location (240˚) facing the Tiger (60˚) to protect further from Tai Sui and confronting and clashing with your luck.