In 2017 the Tiger still needs to flare and be aware of positive opportunities to succeed, while being on his guard and wary of those wishing to rob him and to take advantage of him due to the Robbery Star Mountain he is sitting on. Beware of unscrupulous people and rely on your family and true reliable friends to help you. Place 60 Degrees your Noblemen a PIG, HORSE and DOG on coins with a Metal WEALTH GOD on TIGER plus a WEALTH POT and two Large Metal Rhinos to protect it and you.


Carry a Blue Elephant and Rhino plus place one next to your bed for a calm peaceful night sleep even when traveling. Be careful of your luggage and possessions in 2017.


Use your Nobleman at Work and at Home. The small Tai Sui on your Living Room area helps too and you can use an I phone for calculating directions.


You are sitting next to the 3 Killings so remedy the East especially 75 degrees with 3 celestial Animals and carry a 3 killing protection keychain.



The Tiger is also helped by the number 4 flying star crossing the North East 25.5-64.5 bringing excellent Educational Luck, to its own prize aspiration for Educational luck. Use a Dragon Head Tortoise in LUI Li or Scholastic Pagoda with 2 Dragon Carp and Heaven Gate to pass with flying colours in 2017. A Green TARA can help too to complete especially if you have a deadline.


The Romance star 4 can be enhanced with Rose Quartz Crystals and Ducks and Swans for marriages. Use Infidelity Rooster if necessary to protect your relationship whatever your sign.



Career and Wealth luck has the potential to improve to better even new things, so be open to change in 2017

and carry a jade ruyi and place one on your desk RUYI LUI Li on Stand with an Eagle to help you soar to great heights.