conquers metal, so the elements are in a destructive cycle, a fightingFire relationship as fire melts metal. Things can flare up easily. A yang fire person is like the sun, warm hearted, hot, open minded and straight - forward consequently they make friends and gladly gain popularity with people. They can be explosive, hot tempered but they do not accumulate their anger. Because yang fire people cannot hide their feelings, once they feel something is wrong they speak out, and then they will feel happy quickly again, having expressed themselves. They are impulsive but also forgiving and polite.


This means as yang fire itself sitting on metal Monkey represents the paht chee luck of 2016, that international conflicts and clashes can erupt too. Things are brought out into the open, exposed  and then quite alot of peace follows. The Monkey gets all wound up, then calms down. His timing is 3 PM to 5 PM  in the late afternoon when the sun starts to set in the west. The Monkey symbolizes the setting sun, so he knows how to compromise, make concessions and seek peace.


The yang fire may ignite and explode, but the sun always symbolizes optimism, warmth and to some powerful loving soul energy. The ancient Egyptians worshiped the sun RA ,King of their Gods, and so do the Hindus worship today beloved Lord Surya. Hindus also salute the sun so people in 2016 will see the bright,uplifting positive side of life despite the conflicts, that facilitate agreements in the long run.


The Monkey has always been looked upon as being a mystical spiritual being revered in Hinduism, Buddhism and by the Taoists too. A Monkey in our photograph is seen climbing a mountain to pick sacred healing herbs. This is a depiction of the epic Ramayana in the Bangkok palace of beloved Hanuman, the Monkey God who uses magical powers to defeat the demons. He is still revered and worshiped today and has a big warm loving heart. He is very powerful, defeats evil and is victorious. The Devas, Great Angels of love and light work with him.


The yang metal Monkey in Feng Shui has hidden elements that need to be examined in a different light. The three hidden elements are yang metal, water and earth.


Yang metal represents a sword or deadly weapon so it is symbolic of an aggressive fighter ready to defend himself and stand up for his right like Lord Hanuman. People should be careful of blades and weapons.


Yang water is aggressive and strong too like the huge swelling and beating waves of the ocean. It is also the white water flowing too fast like torrents, that we avoid as Sha in Feng Shui. This will create conflicts at sea, shipping accidents, danger with boats capsizing, sea wrecks, strong currents and undertow.



Monkey in the Four Pillars is in the birth place of water and yang fire. However, as he represents the setting sun things calm down and peace returns, as the fire dwindles.


The Monkey also clashes with the tiger and this brings the accidents to the land. Monkey and Tiger are both traveling stars so there will be more car accidents,so buckle up your seat belt in 2016 and if you are a Monkey or Tiger wear snake pendant to stop the clash. This could be in any of you four pillars or luck pillars not just the year. A snake pendant is used by Feng Shui masters so the Monkey sees the Snake and not the Tiger.


The Monkey is a Traveling Horse star clashing with the Tiger, so alot of people will be traveling, moving home, jobs and making strong changes to their lives, especially Tiger, Horse, Dog, Pig as well as Rabbit and Goat.


This applies also to the Monkey who is affected by the Tai Sui, the Grand Duke Jupiter in the southwest 3 sector and the Tiger facing and offending the Grand Duke. Again for this reason the Monkey and Tiger should wear a Snake pendant. Snake and Monkey together create water that puts out the fire when they combine.


There is also the Three Penalties that the three animals all together create which is fire. Tiger + Snake + Monkey = Fire. In every persons Paht Chee there are positive and negative elements to help and empower people. If Fire is one of your negative elements then this can be hazardous but if it is one of you positive elements it can stimulate fortune. This is why I highly recommend a professional Paht Chee reading in 2016 due to the volatile energies, clashes penalties and risk of accidents.


Remember fire is in the Heaven Stem and here it represents also AIR, so it is also a possibility still of air accidents, planes, flying objects, birds and insects.


Tiger is wood, so he fuels the yang fire contributing to the explosions, fire and air accidents even possible nuclear explosions. or nuclear incidents. There is the possibility of buildings collapsing and people fleeing to get out and the possibility of risky rescue operations by boat. It is a very unpredictable year.


Tiger people clash with the years which creates alot of movement and travel Tiger people should avoid traveling in 2016 if possible towards the southwest 3 direction. The Monkey located in the southwest 3 offends the year as well as possibly having a three penalty with the Snake and Tiger. This penalty brings:


  •  Disharmony
  •  Irritations
  •  Worries
  •  Frustrations and Sickness


The Monkey likes everybody and should remain happy, enthusiastic and positive. This is his true Nature, he must wear a Snake pendant to minimize these negative effects and feel the true prosperous, abundant effects of the Number 8 wealth star in the southwest in 2016.


The Chinese animals signs that combine harmoniously with the Monkey in 2016 are the Snake, Dragon and Rat.


The Monkey is the Academic Star of yang fire so very positive for children born this year. The Academic Star can always be activated to help people pass exams and succeed. This is always possible and something we specialize in even in cases of dyslexia.


The Monkey is a Nobleman and helps people born in years or days, of yin wood and earth in the Heavenly Stems. For example birth years ending in 5 or 9. 1955, 1959, 1965, 1969, 1975, 1979, 1985, 1989, 1995, 1999, 2005, 2009, and 2015.












2016 is a black year as the number 2 black sickness star moves away from the Southeast to the center spreading out like a spider’s web subtly if not checked by six coins and a hulu. Please see flying stars for more information on this.


What are the health hazardous too in 2016 based on the paht chee. If the human body is is affected by too much fire or a fire penalty in 2016 will create


  •  Heart Disease
  •  High Blood Pressure
  •  Inflammation of the Intestines especially the small intestines


Yang fire represents the sun and the energies of the heart and blood that could be circulation problems and shoulder problems especially inflammation.


Metal in Chinese medicine represents the breathing organs and lungs and when fire clashes and attacks the metal it creates breathing problems. Skin problems, flu and fevers due to sickness star 2 disease can reach epidemic proportions in 2016 if not checked. In 2016 there is a lack of water due to excess fire, this affects the immune system, kidneys and sex organs plus bones and joints that need lubrication to prevent arthritis and osteoporosis and inflammation.


Please do not hesitate to visit your doctor and seek medical attention immediately. Vitamins and exercise, create vital optimum health. Focus on the enjoyment of life, “Be Happy” and relax. This year it will be much easier to loose weight thanks to the metal Monkey that dissolves Earth, that is a retainer and holds onto things. In 2016 people can loose excess weight and feel good.


Positive Business and Industries in 2016.


The Fire sitting on Metal will bring prosperity to Fire and Water related industries.


Fire Industries are Energy


  • Entertainment
  • Finance and the Stock Market


The 2nd best are the Water Industries Transport


  • Shipping
  • Communication


Earth Industries are active and productive also as Water is the Money Element of Earth.


Fire is the driving force behind the stock market and makes more people feel optimistic about buying especially in the Spring and Summer. Yang fire is still positive for the economy throughout 2016.


The Sun also makes it a favorable year for entertainment, famous stars, and glamorous industries. This year 2016 is a year to focus on positivity and to shine.








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