FIRE conquers Metal again in 2017, so the elements like last year are again in a destructive cycle. This is like a fighting relationship as Fire melts the metal. Things can spark off very easily indeed, and once the flame  ignites fully, an explosion, an eruption, and even sadly war can occur. These energies are not peaceful ones but J Yin Fire Ding's Nobleman is Rooster so there is support and one must ask for help, as Nobleman will help us in 2017.


A yin fire person is like a candle wavering, flickering and unstable. Yin fire people are very sensitive, touchy  and emotional, keeping anger and feelings pent up inside them like a time bomb that is far more hot headed than yang fire people.  When this type of fire flares up and explodes, it is dangerous due to its intensity and it has far more long term damaging effects than yang fire.


Yin fire is related to the heart and the nervous system plus brain, so people in 2017 will be more prone to heart problems, hyper tension, high blood pressure, strokes and blood related diseases. Focus on activities that are relaxing and calming, like Yoga,  Meditation walking by the sea or in Nature.


In 2017 there can be easily forest and bush fires that start off as a spark as Rooster is the birth place of fire. Buildings can burn down and collapse like the Twin Towers in 2001 that occurred on a yin fire day and yin fire Rooster month.


This Kind of Fire reminds one of the story of Mathilda who was told not to play with the matches. A victorian tale for  children so the ending is rather gruesome. As she does not heed her parents warning  and when they return, the Home has burnt down and Mathilda with it. There is only a pile of ashes left.


The shape of this fire resembles also a mushroom like an atomic bomb. The atomic bomb in Hiroshima took place 6th August 1945 Rooster Year- yin fire day. So there is a strong possibility of nuclear and environmental disasters, as well as fire explosions, epidemics and wars.


There are no hidden elements in the Rooster, he is pure metal. This is symbolic of decorative jewelery, broaches, bracelets and necklaces that look charming and beautiful to behold. But inwardly the metal is cold, hard and ferocious like a fighting cock with its deadly spurs. Hence this metal also represents a dagger which can be linked to killings and assassinations, events that creep up on you and can be deadly.


Accidents can still occur in 2017 related to traffic, trains and air travel. There is injury by Knives, Injury to Bones, Back and Spine.


Carry a Dragon if you are Rooster or Rabbit. Have a professional reading as these animals could show in your Day/Month/ Hour or Luck Pillars. The Dragon blends in Harmony with the Rooster.


Sadly as already mentioned it is not in 2017 that All war, terrorism and violence will end.  As individuals we should choose to create and focus on our own personal Peace so that can Peace on the Planet can occur. One small ripple on a pond can spread and the Rooster is also a symbol of optimism, happiness and joy.


The Rooster is a Peach Blossom Animal, so it is his Romantic Side that shines and supports the entertainment  and movie star business, so sit back, relax, put your feet up and enjoy the big screen.


Yin Fire people themselves are dramatic, sensitive outstanding performers and comedians. Stop focusing on fear but on the joy, the warm positive vibrations that create optimism and fun.


The fire in 2017 will make the stock market rise very high until August when the torch will start to dwindle and there will be a great disappointment in the second part of the year as the illusionary flame dwindles possibly until 2022, so again there could be long lasting effects.


The fire is illusionary, hence  famous stars could leave as the candle is snuffed  out on the stage of life.


The Rooster is the Academic Animal of j ding yin fire so one can excel and do well studying in 2017 and there is the strong potential for excellence in all Educational undertakings.






The industries that benefit are the Glamour Industries, Beauty. Fashion, Entertainment and Restaurants, cafe's, catering businesses, cooking, fitness centres, sport, exercise, yoga and Loosing Weight.


The Fire and the Metal in 2017 brings prosperity to fire and water industries. Fire conquers Metal so metal is the symbol of money to the Fire industry which includes Energy, Entertainment, Stock Market and Finance.


The 2nd Best Element is water, the symbol of Power as it conquers fire. So Fire is to Water money. Water Industries are transport, Shipping and Communication.


The Earth is active and productive too as Fire creates Earth. Earth creates Metal.


The Elements Business wise are symbols of optimism, innovation and progress. People remain thus in 2017 optimistic, open minded, confident and able to find positive solutions to overcome obstacles.


Master Marylynn Clarke thanks Grand Master Raymond Lo for all his Knowledge and Help over the years.



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