One of my greatest joys is helping others to improve and enhance their lives at Home and in their office or own Business. I started to do consultations 23 years ago after graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts where I was doing a course in Interior Design and Feng Shui. I had a Chinese Master to teach me, and he needed an interpreter to impart his knowledge. I then went on to study under Lillian Too and Grand Master Raymond Lo. I passed his Diploma in May 2000 in Flying Stars, Four Pillars of Destiny and in I Ching. I then took over the Feng Shui- on- line store from Doctor Michael Oon and started to travel to Asia studying Advanced Feng Shui with Grand Master Raymond Lo. I then met Grand Master Tan in Singapore who introduced me to yin Feng Shui and I traveled three times to China on his Feng Shui Tours.

In 2011 I was made into a Feng Shui Master by IFSA and I have continued to carry out consultations and study under various Grand Masters and Masters to continously gain more knowledge. Over the years, I have talked and given lectures on Feng Shui in Europe and I have now created a new website to help all of us enjoy all the wonderful benefits that fengshui has to offer. Feng Shui has existed for thousands of years and I want it to go on forever lifting others, when applied correctly and accurately based on classic fengshui. I personally always work lovingly from the Heart for the highest good of everyone especially for my clients.

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Due to world wide situation please contact me directly. or message me in facebook for special relevant prices for feng shui consultations paht chi life destiny & personal luck chart and I ching readings.


  • Empowerment Talisman £396 to enhance Paht Chee.
  • Talisman to ward off specific bad luck stars like 5 yellows, Tai Sui, 3 Killings etc...
  • Scholastic Talisman For Children and Adults passing Examinations or Studying, even writing. £396.
  • Talisman for Breaking of Ground where constructing a new building and where to burn and start building and on what day and at what time. ᅠ£396.
  • Talisman to burn in location of Tai Sui every year especially if on the front of Business or in Entrance of House, Business or Commercial site example factory £396.
  • Talisman to burn in location of 5 yellows yearly 2020 NORTH Rat and 2021 NORTHEAST Ox
  • Talisman to counteract any shas or bad energy and enhance luck on all Front Doors and entrances £396.
  • All Talisman are drawn up by a Taoist Master who has had forty years experience.
  • Buddhist Prayers in Gold Leaf on fine copper to place above the Front Door at Home and in the Office are available as permanent protection £600. These are all personalized too and made to order. The £688 for personalized prayers in gold leaf, this price includes many hours of personalized prayers for the client. This amulet can be carried in your wallet. For protection and success.
  • All Talismans are sent EMS postage out of Singapore with a tracking number. Please email me Send Mail personally so we can fill you in and give you any additional information on use as necessary plus help and support.