2020 Flying Stars

Every year we need to look at the Annual Flying Stars in Relationship to our Home, Business and office. This year our attention is immediately drawn to the centre of every building as it visited by the 7 Violent Star. This is very disruptive.

White Star Career


The white CAREER STAR visits the North East in 2020 ushering in positive motivating successful energies. This star after the stagnant chi last year will now be in flow and on purpose, as the top of the corporate ladder can be reached and promotion achieved. Display GOLD BATS, GOLD MONGOOSE GOLD 3 LEGGED TOADS and LUI LI WEALTH GOD ON TIGER in this very auspicious area in 2020. Enhance the North East at Home and at your work place 022.5 - 067.5 degrees as the prosperity and luck will last for 3 years.

Black Star Sickness



Avoid using the colour Red and any fire. Avoid burning candles and using log fires. It is best to avoid activating this area and to keep it calm as possible as the fire element of the south can activate the black sickness star so cure all South area upstairs and downstairs at home and at work in the south 157.5 to 202.5 degrees. The South is facing towards the 3 killings so unforeseen danger, place 3 Animals facing in towards the South

Litigation Anger Dispute


The argumentative and dispute star number 3 is located in the North so please use Red carpets or a red A4 piece of Cardboard in all North locations at home upstairs and downstairs plus at work 337.5 to 022.5 degrees.

The North is also the location of the Tai Sui so place RED PIXIU facing out 142.5 to 217.5 degrees for protection and to attract and draw in wealth. The 3 KILLINGS is also in the North this year and can create three types of unforeseen bad luck so PLACE 3 ANIMALS and avoid digging and drilling plus renovating here in 2020 142.5 to 217.5 degrees. This is a very volatile area in 2020 so please remedy and keep it toned down and peaceful as possible. Display GOLDEN DRAGON with pearl as an enhancer, and to lift this area in 2020 plus maximize the annual chi. This affects the snake, horse and sheep loactions SE3, S & SW1

Romance And Education Star


This area is visited by the number 4 ROMANCE and SCHOLASTIC STAR use CRYSTAL DUCKS or SWANS and Display the DOUBLE HAPPINESS SYMBOL and CRYSTAL ROSE QUARTZ HEARTS. This is excellent if you want to find romance or strengthen your marriage as the aspiration of the SOUTH WEST is LOVE. The SCHOLASTIC STAR is enhanced with a RED or ROSE QUARTZ PAGODA displayed with DRAGON CARP GATE simple but very effective in 2020 202.5 - 247.5 degrees. Women will be supported and lifted in 2020 and can study to gain greater knowledge.

Five Yellow Misfortune Star


The East is affected in 2020 by the MISFORTUNE STAR 5 YELLOWS please hang a 6 ROD METAL WIND CHIME to weaken this bad luck earth star. Use a Chien Metal Pagoda too. Place a GOLDEN ELEPHANT to maintain DESCENDENT LUCK and a GOLDEN DRAGON to create harmonious energies with the year of the Rat.

flying Stars

Heaven Luck


The South East is enhanced by the number 6 HEAVEN STAR in 2020 so be creative and display Metal SAILING BOATS filled with real money paper plus coins and ingots, GOLD ARROWANAS, GOLD TOADS and CRABS. Use Golden Dragons and BLUE METAL DRAGONS. Black mats can also SAFE GUARD this area whose aspiration is WEALTH. Place 112.5- 127.5 degrees South East.

Violent Star


The number 7 flying star violent and scandalous star is in the center of all buildings in 2020. It must be remedied, as its negative effect can be felt throughout all buildings. PLACE BLACK MAT CENTER in bedrooms and in living rooms and offices or display 4 or 3 or 1 BRANCH OF BAMBOO in a large glass vase see through filled with water. ( 3 Bamboo Best ) There is a third cure for the number 7 and that is a plain bottle not coloured, filled with vinegar with top off.

Vinegar belongs to the wood element due to its sour taste . Wood also reduces the number 7 metal. Please keep all central areas as calm as possible. Remove all TV's, striking clocks and machinery if possible. Finally one can also use an A4 piece of Black cardboard in a black frame. FIRST VITAL CURE FOR 2020.

Wealth Star


The number 8 WEALTH STAR must be activated and enhanced. This will in the North West especially boost the wealth and luck of the Patriarch. Display FUK LUK SHOU, Wealth Pots FILLED WITH COINS AND INGOTS, KHANG KONG and 3 LEGGED WEALTH TOADS AND CRYSTAL LUI LI NUMBER 8. Beautiful bowls of crystals like citrine will lift this very auspicious area. The whole of the North West 292.5 to 337.5 degrees.

Future Wealth Star


The West is very auspicious in 2020 and is enhanced by the the Purple Number 9 Future Wealth Star. Place a large GOLD BUDDHA facing East here as high as possible to obtain maximum luck. Display ROOSTER ON COINS and GOLD DRAGON plus GOLD OX ON COINS 247.5 to 292.5 degrees.

2021 Flying Stars

The center star is Number 6 and according to the teachings of Grand Master Raymond Lo it can trigger legal problems so you must put a black mat again this year also as it is an old star. One can also use a glass vase with one or 3 or 4 or 1 bamboo stems that looks nice in a lobby or sitting room. Other Masters refer to it as a Heaven Star but it is an old star so must be remedied first.

The Violent star 7 moves to the North West disturbing the patriarch and men. A black Mat is essential to stop scandals and violence. One can use Black Mat Please use plain black or Navy blue, free of designs. Otherwise use Vinegar open uncorked or a see through glass vase with 3 or 4 or 1 Bamboo Stem.

One Should Enhance once you have remedied in order to Support Patriarch with Kung Kong Statue and FUK LUK SHU for mentorship support.

The wealth Star 8 is in the West so the Location and Direction are auspicious as long as you remedy with 3 Animals facing East before using Wealth Pots and enhancers to activate the Wealth Star. Use a pendulum clock here that swings to activate the wealth star 8 at 262.5 - 277.5 degrees.

The North East is positive with the Number 9 Purple Star for future wealth but you must remedy the Ox NE 1 due to the Tai Sui with Gold Pixiu or metal bronze facing out at 30 degrees.

The North has the 2 Black Sickness Star which needs 6 Metal Coins displayed yang side up and a metal Hulu or cabash gold or copper colour. Personally I would use both especially due to present situation.

The South West is visited by the Dispute and Argumentative Star 3 and needs red carpets or A4 Red Cardboard plain to create peace. You can burn candles Red ones here to to create a more positive serene atmosphere. and display 3 Red Crystal pyramids. Use crystal Pink Mandarin ducks Rose Quartz and Rose Quartz as enhancers as this location represents woman and relationships.

The East is visited by the Number 4 star for Scholastic Luck and Romance Luck but first one must remedy wth 3 animals facing East 82.5 degrees but please be aware that the whole area 67.5 degrees to 112.5 degrees is affected and can create 3 types of unforeseen disaster even sadly death. PLEASE REMEDY and avoid construction here and drilling during the whole of the Year of OX 2021.

The South East is visited in 2021 by the misfortune star 5 PLEASE HANG 6 Rod Metal WINDCIME with Bugua Coin to stop this bad star and can use a metal pagoda as well. Do not Renovate or Construct in this location even drilling should be avoided. Please keep as calm as possible even the Tv should not be placed in this location. 112.5- 157.5 degrees.